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Our Servers

Our servers are in a Datacenter of world-wide class equip themselves completely for almost any contingency and we offer to our clients a variety of options hosting to solve their specific needs.

Characteristics of the Datacenter

  • Designed and constructed, from the beginnings to the end, to maximize trustworthiness and availability
  • Multiple trajectories of redundancy communication
  • Equipped with team of network and switches network that is formed with superfluous connections, that are always reflected as a high availability and operation, based on Cisco.
  • We maintain an equipment of technicians specialized in maintaining the security of the farm of servers 24x7. These technicians are ordered to monitor each one of the servers.
  • All our network of servers finds protégée by firewall, able to filter all the traffic that enters and leaves the network, are a guarantee against external attacks.
  • As solutions outposts we offer specific units of protection, as 515e Firewall Bundles can be Cisco Pix-515E-UR-Bun PIX515EURBUN Pix, Cisco Pix 515E Chas Unrestrict S/w 6FE PT Vac Pix-515E-UR-Faith, Cisco PIX 515E Firewall among others several models
  • The speeds of the Backbone of the network are based on Ethernet connections Gigabit and 100BaseFX/TX, providing maximum band width through datacenter. The switches and routers estan formed with power supplies dubles and cards to fail-over LAN.
  • Network of World-wide Class including multiple Oc-48, Oc-12 and Oc-3 connections and backbone Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Network carriers is: AT&T, MCI, SVC, Level (3), Verio, Williams, Cogents, XOC Communications, ICG, COX.
  • Energy and completely superfluous source of air conditioning, with the protection against fires but outpost of the market providing the maximum possible protection against the potential disasters that could affect their site.
  • The fire detection outpost provided by VESDA (alarms of the detection of smoke) along with the systems of the suppression of the fire that provided the suppression of the fire of the dry-pipe (where the pipes that they feed the watering can heads do not fill of water until a fire is detected) to protect electrical systems.
  • Supervision 24X7 of the building and the environmental alarms with local personnel as well as a centralized Network Operations Center.
  • Oc-48 - bandwidth of the equal network to 2.4 Gbits/sec that provides the possible fastest connection to him to its webpages.
  • Oc-12 - bandwidth of the equal network to 622Mbps.
  • OC-3 - bandwidth of the equal network to 155Mbps.
  • Ethernet - including a MPLS/VPN (Multi-Protocol Label Switching/Virtual Private Network) used for the engineering of the traffic and the virtualization of the networking between the isolate networks.

The service of protection of servers is our responsibility, you you do not have to worry about vulnerabilities of the service, the team of technicians in security estan 24x7 of the year every day to maintain its business available in the Web while you dedicate to grow his business.

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