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Development of Systems Web CRM and ERP custom-made

Development of Systems Web CRM and ERP custom-made

In netmarketing we have ample experience in the development in accordance with Systems CRM and ERP.

With the development applications CRM and ERP based on the Web (Not necessarily in Internet.) our clients control and increases the productivity of their businesses and furthermore they obtain important data for the taking of deciciónes and all this without investing in special servers, expensive maintenances to the system and specialized personnel.

That it is a CRM
Without sales there is no business. It is that simple. The search of new clients, the negotiation, the acquisition of clients, the attendance posventa and the planning of sales is too important factors stops as leaving them at random.

The use of the software of management of the relation with the clients (CRM) appropriate can help to take maximum advantage him of the data of the client and to that the salesmen carry out better their work.

Even in very small companies, the use of software of CRM to coordinate the sales can suppose enormous benefits.

Use of software of CRM to increase the sales
The management of the relation with the clients (CRM) can help him to plan, to reach and to negotiate better its sales to travez of:

  • Information management of the clients.
  • Administration and pursuit of potential clients.
  • Closing of sales.
  • Optimization of the ezfuerzos of sales.
  • Cordinación of the sales.
  • Increase of the sales.
  • Analysis of the productivity of the salesmen.


Some of Our Clients:

  • MyCRM of
  • Grupo Dimatam S.A. of CB
  • Magromex S.A. of C.V
  • CumasIng
  • UAG
  • Towns of Asis
  • Washing machines and Laundries

That it is a ERP
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integral system of enterprise management that is designed to model and to automate the majority of processes in the company (commercial, logistic area of finances, production, etc.). Its mission is to facilitate the planning of all the resources of the company.

Most remarkable of a ERP it is that it unifies and it orders all the information of the company in a single place, in this way any event is in view of immediate form, making possible the decision making of faster and safe form, shortening the productive cycles.

With a ERP we will have the company under control and we will increase the quality of our services and products. The implantation of a ERP entails the elimination of departmental Inter barriers, the information flows by all the company eliminating the improvisation for want of information.

Benefits and impacts
Several are the points of view as far as the different benefits that are expected in an implementation of a ERP, as well as the impacts that this it will have in the organization.

Here some of the benefits that could acquire when implementing anyone a ERP:

  • A system to only handle many of its commercial processes
  • Integration between the functions of the applications
  • It reduces to the costs of gerenciaIncrementa the investment return
  • Open Infrastructure source
If these interested in inplementar a CRM or a ERP in your company, you do not doubt it we are to your disposition and with taste we will take care of to you.


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