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  Campaigns of Google Adwords

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Adwords is a publicity system that helps to direct traffic you segmented of potential clients to your website through finder of google and which can help to increase the sales you or to achieve the objective of your website.

In NetmarketingWeb we counted on expert advisers and certificates by Google in charge to in line create and to optimize the publicity campaigns.

In netmarketing we have developed exclusive tools such as vps hosting with cpanel who help us to measure the behavior of each campaign to optimize them and to assure the best yield each weight inverted in the publicity campaigns online. We are also providing some software such as rapidssl, MySQL, PHP, etc.


That we can do with Google Adwords?

With Google Adwords we can segment the campaigns of publicity by means of key words, geographic location, schedules, I interest, etc.


Package 1

  • 4.500,00 monthly Pesos of budget
  • 1 Campaign for product/service
  • Monthly reports
  • Analysis and optimization of campaigns of adwords
  • Analysis of website

Monthly cost $6.000,00 (IVA including)

** Note: The amount of monthly hours of analysis and otimización of the campaign this limited 3 hours monthly.


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