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Why it is necessary to be positioned well?

Great part of the success so that a website acquires visitors is in the first place to count on traffic.

To count on Traffic, is to help him to its site so that it is seen by its potential clients, visitors or the public generally. Shelp in other words; that their site is promoted suitably in Web search engines and/or Directories. Approximately 85% of the visits of a website, come from web search engines and directories.

It is important to be in the main finders and Internet directories but also it is important to be located in the first places.


But to be in the first places it must know as the finders work them.


1. - Making the study of MARKETING IN INTERNET

Once us DES authorization to begin to work our equipment studied your website and inserara new codes in each of your pages, these codes are necessary to be able to adapt them to each one of the web search engines.

“Each web search engine has its criterion of indexing, of its data base. ?

Our equipment of marketing would study your Web and would determine the important keywords but that the user of Internet used, for the search of your product or Web in Internet.

If we have a webpage dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, the recommended keywords serian.

Footwear, manufacturers of footwear, you make of footwear, distributors of footwear, import of footwear.

In order to realise the changes in your webpages sera necessary that you send the data to us of his servant to be able to work with each one of the pages of website, if not outside possible, all the created codes were sent to you, for each one of the pages of his website and the corresponding instructions so that you, can insert them without no problem.



The discharges are realised manually, are companies that realise these discharges with specific programs.
We no, Since these software or programs considers Spam, and for this reason their Web can be eliminated of the data base of the finder for always.

The discharges we realised them in main the 200 finders of Hispanic speech or in groins according to it is the case.

Between these 200 finders and directories we can mention some:

Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, Terra, MSN, Infoseek, HotBot, AOL, Biwe, MEXWEB, DMOZ, Lycos, Telepolis, LookSmart, Hispavista, Astrolabio, Mexmaster, SBEL, as well as directory specialized, etc.

As soon as Time Veran the results?

The results would begin to see in 3 days in some finders others can take up to 3 months.


Contact to us

In order to contact to us it enters here

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